This text was written by the Jewish Museum in Trondheim and based upon the information they have collected and can be found on this web site together with pictures and other sources of documentation:

(Translation to English: Aase R. D. Andreassen, in Paris 12.03.2009)

Cissi Klein, 13 years old.

Cissi Klein was a joyful girl from Trondheim, a city just in the middle of Norway, she was killed at Ausscwitz. Read her story.

My name is Cissi Klein and I am a 13 years old girl. I am from a Jewish family, but I do not differ much from the other girls I know. My hair is black and my eyes are brown. I love playing cannonball. We are doing that mostly every evening, we, the kids living at the Museum Place [Museumsplass]. This is where I am living. And it is in this area we are playing. I have many good friends. One of them is named Rut. Another is named Kitty. We are playing a lot together, because I am spending a lot o the time being outdoors. My parents are working the whole day in the shop. They are in the shop from nine in the morning until eight in the night. My big brother, Abraham, and I manage well, because we are used to mother and father being away during the day. Our shop is named “The Soap Magazine” [“Såpemagasinet”] and is situated in the Tomas Angell’s Street. They are selling everything there. Of course, they are selling a lot of different soaps, and scissors, combs, diadems and a lot of other stuff. Sometimes I and my friend Kitty are visiting the shop. Because Kitty’s father has a shop just next by and the two shops share the back yard. There, in the back yard we make up a lot of funny things. We are skipping rope and doing the hopscotch, and then we are collecting things.

I am borne and raised in Trondheim. My father comes from Lithuania and arrived in Trondheim at the age of 19. My mother is from Latvia. She is nine years younger than my father. Both are speaking a little bit different than me who has grown up here.

I am quite an ordinary school girl who is quite careful with my school work. I am a pupil of the the Calf Leather School [Kalvskinnet skole]. But because of the war going on our class room is moved to the School of Domestic Science in The Queen’s Street [Dronningens gate].

I am wearing a skirt and stockings. Often I am wearing a checked suit which I am very fond of. And then I have a red coat and a school bag.

It is war and father and Abraham might be taken prisoner. We are terribly frightened, all of us. One of these days my friend Rut and I was sitting on a bench at the Museum Place. Then two German soldiers came walking by. We were wondering if we should move or just pretend as if nothing had happened.

We kept on sitting. The Germans just passed.

- Yes, now it will be hard times for father and Abraham, I told Ruth”

The father and brother of Cissy Klein was arrested on the 7th of October 1942, and transported to Falstad concentration camp near Levanger [a small city just north of Trondheim]. Cissy was interned in the apartment together with other Jewish women and children. Her mother was in a hospital in Trondheim. On the 25th of November 1942 they collected Cissy. Together with her father and the brother Abraham she was sent to Auschwitz. There she was killed just after the arrival, it was the 3th of March 1943. Cissy was only one of many Jewish children who brutally lost their lives in the German’s mass murders. She was a peaceful little girl from Trondheim, who had to pay with her life because she was Jewish.

Her mother survived the war. She managed to flee to Sweden.

The street which today is named Cissy Klein’s Street is one of the places where Cissy skipped rope and played cannonball together with her friends.