Children's Memorial: Children of the Holocaust

New Zealand Children's Holocaust Memorial

Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names

Yad Vashem, together with its partners, has collected and recorded the names and biographical details of two thirds of the six million Jews murdered by the Nazis and their accomplices. Two million more still remain unidentified: It is our collective duty to persist until all their names are recovered.

New Zealand Children's Holocaust Memorial

Terezin Children's Cantata

A collection of poems written by children while interned at Terezin Concentration Camp, which were selected as lyrics for a cantata composed by Rober Convery in memory of all children who perished in the Holocaust. 

These poems and children's drawings were hidden at Terezin inside mattresses and stuffed in cracks between the walls of houses. They were recovered after the war. Many of these other poems and drawings are collected in a book which was published by the Holocaust Museum, "I Never Saw Another Butterfly."

New Zealand Chidlrne's Holocaust Memorial

Remember Me?

A site publicizing 1,100 photographs of children displaced by the Holocaust in the hope of tracking their paths. After the war, relief agencies photographed some of the children that survived to help find their familes.  Now more than 65 years later, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is working to discover what became of these young survivors.

New Zealand Children's Holocaust Memorial

Hitler's Children

A mesmerzing dialogue between the children of the perpetrators of the Holocaust and the children of the survivors. Both live out the Holocaust daily, unable to move forward. Both finally face the past and are empowered to move on.

Children's Diaries During the Holocaust

Of the millions of children who suffered persecution at the hands of the Nazis and their Axis partners, only a small number wrote diaries and journals that have survived. In these accounts, the young writers documented their experiences, confided their feelings, and reflected on the trauma they endured during these nightmare years.

1.5 million children died in the Holocaust.

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New Zeaaland Children's Holocaust Memorial

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Yad Vashem Childrens' Memorial

This unique memorial, hollowed out from an underground cavern, is a tribute to the approximately 1.5 million Jewish children who were murdered during the Holocaust. Memorial candles, a customary Jewish tradition to remember the dead, are reflected infinitely in a dark and somber space, creating the impression of millions of stars shining in the firmament. The names of murdered children, their ages and countries of origin can be heard in the background.