Project Leader

Our project leader is Vera Egermayer, MNZM, former diplomat and child survivor of Terezin concentration camp.  Watch the video to hear why this project is so important to Vera.

Our Webmaster is Justine Hitchcock, the teacher who initiated the button project.

Read why this project is so important to her.

Please email her with any thoughts, comments or contributions to this website.

Project Advisor

David Zwartz, former Honorary Consul, is the first New Zealander to receive the World Zionist Organsation's Jerusalem Prize. As well as being our project advisor, David is currently chairman of the Wellington Regional Jewish Council. 

Our project is under the auspices of the Holocaust Centre of New Zealand: a not-for-profit, registered charity dedicated to Holocaust Education.

All 1.5 million buttons collected for this project were counted by the children of Moriah College in Wellington New Zealand. Our student-group is led by Laurelle Ben-Meir and Benya Klapaukh - please link in to our Facebook page for student-led activities and updates.